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Implantology Bochum: Fewer issues with dental implants through so-called short dental implants,

Fewer issues with dental implants through so-called short dental implants
Avoid difficult situations and extensive interventions with short dental implants!

During the „old days“ of dental implants it was absolutely necessary that the length of the dental crowns exactly matched the lengths of the dental implants (Proven by the lever principle).

Today, a different and new design of dental implants, the so-called „short dental implants“ allows that long crowns might be fitted even in patients with only minimal residual jawbone. This new design also provides many advantages for the patient:

– On many occasions sinus lift surgery (also called sinus augmentation) is no longer        necessary (extensive bone augmentation procedures can be minimized) 
– Nerve damage can be safely avoided (vital structures can be bypassed) 
– It is possible to extract single teeth without interlocking closure
– Basically, we notice an increase in patient’s acceptance of the dental implant.

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